Three Floyds Brewing is a Midwestern brewery dedicated to crafting a wide and “not normal” range of quality ales and lagers. Since our founding in 1996 by Nick Floyd we have been brewing uncompromising, unrelenting, full-flavored beers for a range of tastes. With a constant eye toward sound technical brewing practices, we use ingredients from around the world to bring you the best artisanal, innovative and fresh beers we can.
It's Not Normal
The Once and Future King
Munster Mania
Gumballhead. Nuff Said.
Open for Business
Voider of Light
...There is Another
...For Victory
And the Winner Is ...
True Believers
Bludgeoning the Hippie Out of Craft Beer
Palate Destroyer
Dark Lord Day Turns 10
New Horizons in Flavor
Per Aspera Ad Astra
Brutally Massive
Foeder Fiends
Death to the Rice King
Look at All These Cans!
Streams of Whiskey
The Kingdom Grows

The Story

Armed with only a few hundred dollars, a five-barrel Frankenstein wok-burner-fired brew kettle, repurposed open Swiss cheese fermenters, and an old Canfield’s Cola tank – Nick Floyd began brewing “not normal” ales and lagers in Hammond, Indiana.
Alpha King Pale Ale debuts, a 3 Floyds take on a British Pale Ale, showcasing our heavy-handed approach to hops. Local bars and retailers find it too bitter, some even spitting it out after sampling it. We knew we were on the right track after that ...
Dreadnaught is born – the first Imperial IPA east of the Mississippi clocking in at 85 IBUs. Local bars and retailers find it too bitter, some even spitting it out after sampling it. Now we KNOW we’re on the right track.
After outgrowing our digs in Hammond, 3 Floyds finds a forever home just down the road in Munster, Indiana. Plans begin to expand brewing capacity and open a brew pub.
Showcasing the lighter side of 3 Floyds, the American Wheat Pale Ale known as Gumballhead arrives. Featuring bottle and package art from creator Rob Syers, Gumballhead becomes everyone’s favorite cigarette-smoking, space-jerk fighting feline.
Brewpub opens in Munster. There was much rejoicing.
First ever Dark Lord Day takes place, the only day and place where you can purchase our brutally massive Imperial Stout. 20 years later Dark Lord Day still remains the only place to purchase bottles, hosting thousands of fans and the best in metal and beer each year.
Chris Boggess joins the brewing crew as brewmaster, which is akin to when Dio joined Rainbow.
Brewery becomes a fully armed and operational battle station, with an upgrade to a 30bbl brewhouse system.
More and more people start to take notice of 3 Floyds, including RateBeer which ranks us the #1 brewery in the world. Best-of lists and accolades start to become the norm. We continue to do what we do ... Uncompromising and unrelenting.
Someone brings up the term “Cult of Floyds” in reference to our loyal and rabid fan base. We just call ‘em friends, and can’t thank them enough for the support.
The phenomena known as Zombie Dust is unleashed. The intensely Citra-hopped and gushing Undead Pale Ale is a favorite amongst beer geeks everywhere, with stores selling out instantly with lines at the brewery lasting hours to buy.
The Creeper debuts, our first beer and band collaboration with Chicago post-metal outfit Pelican. This would prove to be the first of many, many, beer collaborations with our favorite bands – many of whom eventually perform at Dark Lord Day.
Permanent Funeral makes its debut. Brewed with our friends in the band Pig Destroyer, this Imperial IPA clocks in at over 100 IBUs – bright, aromatic, a wolf trying to walk upright. The beer is still highly anticipated each year upon release.
Dark Lord Day celebrates its 10th anniversary. 10,000 people attend, High On Fire headlines, Richard Christie emcees.
The brewery footprint grows, as a 30,000 square foot expansion adds a state of the art Krones bottling line. More beer for everyone is a good thing.
With a firm foundation and steadfast resolve, Warpigs USA Brewing is launched, expanding the 3 Floyds mythos to the outer reaches of the galaxy and beyond.
Dark Lord Day continues to grow, as Amon Amarth plays with a giant viking ship on stage. Also the first year to feature BOTH Chemtrail Mix and Marshmallow Handjee – two of the highest rated and most sought-after barrel-aged beers in the world.
Our new handcrafted oak foeders arrive, enabling us to experiment with oak-aged wild ales.
Expanding the world of 3 Floyds, “Alpha King” arrives in comic book form, uniting Nick Floyd with comic book giants Brian Azzarello, Simon Bisley, and Ryan Brown for a D&D epic that exemplifies “not normal” on every blood-and-beer-soaked page.
Brewing capacity continues to expand with a second brewery, producing Gumballhead and Alpha King in cans for the first time ever. Zombie Dust and Lazer Snake would follow in cans shortly thereafter.
3 Floyds Distilling arrives, debuting with a line of whiskies, gins, rum and aquavit that continue the ‘not normal’ tradition.
East-Coast expansion commences, with 3 Floyds now available in 19 states across the Midwest and East Coast.
Heralding the zombie evolution after the Dust has settled from the apocalypse, Zombie Ice Undead Double Pale Ale expands the legacy of our first all-Citra hopped beer with a bolder, more aggressive take on Zombie Dust. People lose their shit.
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